The human breed has come a long way from discovering a bulb for enlightenment of the world to the discovery of water on moon , even space travel has become possible for citizens . we are advancing day by day in the field of science . We are achieving new heights which were impossible few years back . Science has become a common way for humans to achieve anything . The advancement we have done in this field is unpredictable and incredible . Daily inventions are making the life of a person easy . Our intellectualness is increasing day by day . Every thing is in the hand of a person in form of a smartphone . The human race is way ahead than any other race in this world “is it so ?”

The common mistakes we do is that we think we have achieved something that was impossible but have you ever asked “is it worth that you have achieved?” . My views on this topic are slightly different . We may be achieving so called “impossible” but most of the time in achieving something we are sacrificing something . we are sacrificing the limited resources we have , we are sacrificing nature overall we are sacrificing The earth . We were the most advanced race but now we have become the most retarded race . Retarded in terms of values and Humanity . We are becoming cruel and are not respecting what we have got . “Destroying other species and coming on top” this game is always dominated by human race . We may achieve mars but we have never learnt how to live in this earth . May be our IQ score is sweeping but our nature’s(Humanity) graph is in recession . We can’t exploit the rights of other species . We are god gifted but other species are also god made .

We should work as intellectuals and our first and foremost goal should be to ensure good relationship between us and other species . Proper balance is much needed for a wholesome life so exploiting mother nature certainly makes the relationship worse as well as the consequences are not good . Respect should be there for everyone maybe it’s a stranger . At last we may or may not be the most advanced race but our way of dealing things which come in the way of protecting “Earth” should be advance.