There is a common question among many people that how they can become more effective at work . May be they have tried a hell lot of things but their productivity is still not good , which causes a deflation in their confidence level . They think that they are nothing so they become defensive at every step of their life . But leaving or not taking risk in a work is not the solution . The thing that matters is your approach towards a task . Here is what you can do to be more effective ,

  1. Strategy — Planning is the basic thing you have to do for success in a task . But , your strategy should be the effective one . Here is my advice try to split your work in chunks rather than doing a big complicated task because it’s easier to do small work faster and with perfection .

2. Thinking — A negative people can never do a work . Your approach should be positive you shouldn’t let your negative thinking control you . A positive mindset is the biggest boon for a person . Just try and don’t cry .Never think that you can’t do it “YOU DEFINITELY CAN ”

3. Confidence — Your body language shows how much confident you are and a good body language helps you to remain ahead of your competitors . Sometimes hard work doesn’t let your work done but confidence certainly does .Whichever field you belong just be confident success will chase you .

4. Accept failures — Everyone fails even Edison failed thousands of time but he kept trying and then succeeded .It’s not success what made him “Genius” but his dedication and determination . Every winner has “Never Leave” attitude they learn from their failures so that they don’t repeat them . Learn from your failures .

love to write about common topics .